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How to track our progress as we row across the Atlantic.

As departure for our Atlantic Row approaches, we wanted to introduce you to the all new addictive sofa sport of dot watching!

The team at Yellow Brick trackers are the authority in satellite tracking and we carry a YB3 tracker with us onboard which will update our position via satellite every 4 hours.

This means that you will be able to follow along with our progress by visiting our website at

As a special treat, Yellow Brick have agreed to add us to their race app which means you can follow along from your phone too!

1. Download the YB Races app.

2. Search for and add the “Atlantic Escapade” race.

3. Dot watch and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy following our progress, and thank you again for your support.

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Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson
Jan 26, 2023

Hi Rosalind - when do you depart? Will you be back to tell us all about it at the Adventure Travel Film Festival?

Jan 29, 2023
Replying to

Hi Simon! We are waiting for the best weather window, but we’re hoping for between the 6th and 10th February - we shall keep you all updated though. We’re not sure about next summer’s ATFF (we’d love to go back), but we are definitely booked in for the Armchair Adventure Festival in Cornwall. We’ll definitely come along to a Globetrotters event too!

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