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Departure is here!

It's been a busy few weeks since we arrived in the Canaries, but we are now set to leave Monday lunchtime.

We don't really know where the time has gone and we've had our fair share of problems, but we are now both excited to get going.

On land

Before we could launch Spirit of Ahab there were a few practical jobs to get on with. The boat was FILTHY from the drive down and it took a lot of scrubbing to get her clean again. We then spent a few days polishing the bottom to make it as smooth as possible to hopefully gain us some speed!

The launch

Moving the boat from land to the water was expertly done by the team at Pasito Blanco. At home, launching the boat involves reversing a car and trailer at speed down a ramp, stamping on the brakes, and flying off! But here, the professionals helped us out and lifted Spirit off the trailer and into the water for us. This was a bit of a heart wrenching moment for us, but we were very excited to be in the water!

Setting up

Once we were on the pontoon, it was time to check all the systems. We had a few gremlins in the batteries, but the water maker worked perfectly - our first taste of Atlantic water was delicious!

Other than that, we were setting up our ropes, sorting out our kit, and packing lots of chocolate!

The plan

And so, here we are! A few jobs still to do (as always!), but we will depart tomorrow with the tide. Let's see what the Atlantic has in store for us!

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